History of mankind museum

Posted on sam. 29 octobre 2016 in going out • Tagged with open your mind

A place to witness our common origin

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Go beyond in the functionnal paradigm with Javaslang

Posted on jeu. 01 septembre 2016 in technical • Tagged with java

How Javaslang allow to bypass some of Java 8 limitations

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Being a developer

Posted on sam. 23 août 2014 in thoughts • Tagged with carreer, technologies

Why am I a developer and where I would like to head to

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Pourquoi le livre electronique compte

Posted on dim. 22 juin 2014 in thoughts • Tagged with ebooks

Le livre électronique ne fait pas l'unanimité...mais en général pour de mauvaises raisons.

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Posted on dim. 13 avril 2014 in tools • Tagged with file manager

Why ranger is worth to try, and it offers a good alternative to classic file managers ?

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Posted on dim. 30 mars 2014 in tools • Tagged with connaissance, knowledge

Avoir des réponses à des questions existentielles.

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Two-Factor Authentication

Posted on sam. 01 février 2014 in technical • Tagged with Security

How this feature can improve the security of your applications

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Posted on dim. 12 janvier 2014 in tools • Tagged with outils

Découvrer cet outils très pratique pour ajouter du sens à ces favoris

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Posted on jeu. 09 janvier 2014 in technical • Tagged with generator

How did I choose Pelican as my static blog generator

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